Free sample while the photos load…

An appetizer, of sorts.

-double black-eye guy (with 1,000 RUB sunglasses, he wanted us to know)  (also a meteorologist)

-train conductors vengefully banging under the carriage to remove the ice
-drunk man cursing and screaming in his sleep
-middle of the night crashing and dropping and thrashing as someone rushes to get out at her stop
-uzbek language all around!  and our squakity attempts to learn key phrases (“You’re an idiot!  JUST KIDDING!”  “You’re a devil!  JUST KIDDING!”  “My name is idiot-devil!  JUST KIDDING!”  “Russia is now on its way to joining the World Trade Organization.  How do you see that affecting the future of trade between your two countries?” Just kidding.)
-“Amerikanki”, “Rasha”, “Nakout” (an excruciatingly Russian pronunciation of “knockout”)

-cologne (fake-confidence scent)
-warm beer, beer burps, beer breath, morning-after-beer breath
-acrid sweat, rugby-locker-room-with-no-windows, damp humid air steeped in b.o.
-dried fish
-10-ruble cigarette smoke
-toilet-related scents.
-dill, pickles, pickled dill
-old people
-heavy, choking steam woven with cigarette smoke, sweat, beer, and dill

-warm beer, stale meat, melty cheese
-dill, pickles, dill pickle chips

-contortioning on the top bunk after being kicked out of the bottom sitting area
-alternating between sweating and freezing


One thought on “Free sample while the photos load…

  1. -randianna says:

    AHAHAHAHAHA I almost died choking on my own spit laughing at the “I’m kidding” and random uzbek word combinations memories.

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