A Transfixing Trans-Siberian Transport on some Trans (er, Trains)

Photo from Wikipedia.

Tomorrow begins a(n) ________ journey.  I can’t settle on a fitting adjective for now, as I simply cannot begin to estimate what the trip will be like!   Tomorrow, my good friend (journalist, photographer, and cat lady du jour, blog here) Randianne Leyshon and I set off for a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railroad: Vladivostok to Moscow, stopping and overnighting in Irkutsk and Novosibirsk.  Needless to say, we are Vladivostoked about and Moscwowed by everything.  We’ve spent the past 4 jetlaggy days in Vladivostok at Randi’s grad school friend, Christy.  The first day began brightly: after arriving, we hopped in a taxi.  The driver drove out of the lot, sweet-talked the parking fee collector, parked the car, shouted at some associates, turned around, and pulled back into the airport parking lot.  He hurriedly left the car, told us to stay put and reassured us that his son would be coming shortly.  Aforementioned progeny does not smoke or drink, and, on top of all that!, is a sportsman, father advertised.  After a short wait, he told us to exit the car and get into a new one, where his son was waiting.  We spaceily followed orders and left.  After an hour and a half of driving, it was revealed that the son did not in fact know where our street was.  The tip-off?  We had been pulling over and asking every pedestrian where the street was.  Most pointed vaguely in some “over there” direction like a wobbly, water-logged compass.  from At this point, my only mildly cheeky suggestion of taking out a map was not appreciated.  His insults of our grasp Russian were getting exponentially nastier with every new unhelpful pedestrian, and what started out as a mere potty mouth became the elaborate entrance to a sewage disposal center.  There was one nice moment, though, when one pedestrian, located conveniently in the middle of the road, unzipped and relieved himself before us.  Fittingly, that relieved some of our tension, too.  What a relief.  Later, it was revealed he was a sculptor, specializing in reliefs.  Just kidding.  Anyway, we finally made it and all was well.  Boy were we relieved.

Hey, at least he didn’t smoke or drink.

Sorry, must go now, will have to end with a cliffhange


One thought on “A Transfixing Trans-Siberian Transport on some Trans (er, Trains)

  1. Katie Boynton! says:

    Kirsti, your blog is probably one of my favorite things on the internet. You are so fun. I miss you!

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